Englewood's Tryon Avenue pool to open on restricted days following complaints - NorthJersey.com

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Englewood's Tryon Voie pool to spread out https://disqus.com/by/markedhangover6/ about limited days following complaints - Information - NorthJersey.com



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    Restricting air flow into a shop-vac (or any other vacuum cleaner) will REDUCE the load on the device's motor, causing it to spin faster that's why you hear the motor whine get higher in pitch when you block the hose it's not because the motor is "working harder." The impeller is actually turning in a lower air pressure environment in this situation, thus there is less air resistance to the fan's rotation and less current is drawn. That said, there is a risk to burning out a shop-vac motor if you block the airflow because the air that is being moved is also used for motor cooling. The blockage caused by the muffler likely causes just a minor temperature delta by itself from running the shop-vac without it, I'd be more concerned about how LONG you run the vac when CNC routing something that takes a long time to complete. In the hackaday tradition, maybe you could add an arduino control to monitor vac motor temperature :-)

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